Protect your wooden doors and windows in rainy days

The presence of moisture around us during the monsoon season works in many ways. The effect of this moisture can be witnessed everywhere. You can notice it on your wooden doors and windows as they do not open or close properly as they absorbed moisture and rainwater (if they are not in a shaded area). Here, we are offering you a few tips so that your doors and windows do not irritate you while opening or closing them.

  • Painting or varnishing the door or window – Paints or varnishes do not let the wood of doors  or windows absorb moisture or rain water. Applying them at the start of the rainy-season can defend them well.
  • Check out for wrong fixes and loose hinges – At the start of the season we must give a look, whether hinges and fixes in the doors or windows are intact or not. If they are not, removing and fixing them again can make your entrance and exit smooth throughout the rainy-season.
  • Use sandpaper to remove sullenness – Absorption of moisture or rainwater swollen the doors or windows  due to which they get stuck frequently. Sullenness can be eradicated by using sandpaper.
  • Make the area above the door or window shaded – When the door or window is not shaded enough rainwater starts falling in the window this also causes sullenness to them. We can make the areas over the door or window well shaded to prevent them getting damp.

Doors and windows are the most important part of our house and protecting them during the rainy-season is essential and with these tips you can really put them in order.